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A Brief History of Wine

David Wright is an accredited lecturer for the Arts Society on the subject ‘A Brief History of Wine’

Wine has been part of our global society for over 7,000 years, and the story tells of its origin and appearance in all societies across the Mediterranean and through Europe. There is rich evidence of the role wine has played in these societies and how it became an important component of faith, well-being and festivity.

People wonder about the relationship between art and wine. To answer that my lecture shows slides (40 or so) that include Kwevris of Georgia in 5,000 B.C, tomb drawings from ancient Egypt, wine ware from Greece, extracts from Cato’s de Agri Cultura (possibly the oldest original Latin prose in existence), the Thermopolia of Pompeii, a spectacular mediaeval building in France, paintings and cartoons and so on, all of which are relevant to how wine has become commonplace.

I consider wine to be an essential component to a contented life.

Wine Tastings & Talks

We offer wine tastings in various formats

  • A Brief History of Wine – The story of wine from 5,000 B.C.  with wines (optional) to help tell the story.
  • Variety & Region – a look at specific grape varieties and their regions from all over the world
  • Old World versus New World – a comparative tasting of a range of grape varieties from Europe against other countries
  • Wines of one country or region – a close up look at one country e.g. Australia, or one grape e.g. Riesling
  • Call my Wine Bluff – A panel of three speakers presents an opinion on the wines being tasted and the audience guess who is telling the truth.

All the above can be tailored for the purposes of entertaining an audience to raising funds for charities & PTA’s etc.

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